First Entry

Remember the days when I fought with Alamat tribe, and conflict with their leader. I just can't go back anymore... Recently I saw a few new f2p mmorpg coming out, and I've been looking forward to play it.

Zodiac Online oh Zodiac Online, just on time you came out. Somehow I feel like Destiny is getting farther and father away from me..

Been playing Dragonica and Asda Story lately, but I'm not satisfied with them.

Dragonica; good game, nice gameplay, cute chars, but too hard to grind. Plus when I died, I need to run back again to current map. Small thing but enough to feel annoyed.

Asda Story; somehow it reminds me of Luna Online. Cute and nice graphic but it needs high constancy of net speed. I wonder how long will I last there.

Just got Zodiac Online Alpha key code yesterday. YATTA!! I'm looking forward to play it, when the server is up on 1st Sept.

So bored lately, with tests just over last week, time to get some stretch and relax for a while. I've been bothered about my old friends at Destiny. So sad. Almost all of them already quit.

I missed them :(

Been playing Garena a lot lately. I wonder why... Fasting month for all Muslims. Sigh.. I'm tired..

Time to get some sleep :)


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