Bird Day....? ♥

LOL first thing first, I'm very2 sorry for late wish lol. I can't believed I just missed her birthday!

Congratulation to Hirano Aya!! Happy Belated Birthday (LOL) on your 22! >_< She said in her blog that there were so many things that she still wanted to do while she was 21. Oh well, gotta catch with the time next time Ayachan.. Life only once! ^_^

She doing great this fall: White Album, Fairy Tale, Kimi ni Todoke, Queen's Blade, To, Dragonball Kai, Jewelpet, Duel Masters movie, Hirano Aya Only TV, Dragonball live-action movie, four new games coming, a new photo book, magazine photo shoots (Okinawa last week), the Lantis Festa, a new album in November, a new tour in December.

Hope she is going to do well, gg Ayachan! I love Haruhi again. Just can't wait to see her playing Lucy in Fairy Tail!


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