Musume! Lovely Musume! Yehey!

So the lovely morning daughter (musume) is here again! I just watched their two new singles and I'm very enjoying it, especially Naichau Kamo. Very energetic it seems. Just like the old days and I like that very much ^^ And Morning Musume's 40th single is just around the corner. Means, its gonna release soon! Weee~ can't wait!

Some spoiler ^^ :
Morning Musume
Nanchatte Renai
Release Date: 2009.08.12
Tracklist (Limited A, B, and Normal edition):
1. Nanchatte Renai
2. Aki Urara
3. Nanchatte Renai (Instrumental)

Tracklist (40th single commemorative edition only):
1. Nanchatte Renai
2. Subete wa Ai no Chikara
3. Nanchatte Renai (Instrumental)

Lets watch via DohhUp


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