Living Life Like Liquid

Just got result for the programming test today, scored barely 70. Too many careless mistake on high mark sections.

Tough luck huh :/

Not many things happen lately..

I still haven't done the Networking assignment yet..
And still need to submit programming soon. Haha, even so, still got time to hang around xD No wonder some called me as a carefree person x3

Omg, its raining outside. Not really heavy but enough to make me sleepy in my room lol


Ah~ I'm still looking for my wanted list items -__-" Recently I just bought Kamen Rider Faiz and Dream Again.

Just finished Faiz though. Sure brings back some memories there @_@

Somehow my PC annoyed me with same old problem. Wonder if needed some parts replacement.
Darn, I'm out of money! T.T

So hungry. Fasting month. Time is moving so fast. Feels like yesterday we just start. ^^

Now, what should I buy for today's meal. Erm... Whatever, I'll just go to "Bazaar Ramadhan" first lol


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