Never Meant To Belong

I just woke up and continue my programming assignment. Shit! I'm stuck again -__-"

Why don't you just work out dammit!

Tired of C++. Doing my English assignment.

Ah~ This kinda refreshing. For some reason, doing this stretching me out of pressure.

Back doing programming. Meh, it doesn't look so good. Looks like I really suck at this. :(
Looking for the solution through the net. WTF, Its even more complicated! :O 
Asking for my roomate help, thank God, it helps a little. But... I still can't solved it!!

Final resort, going through all the lines and replaced with new variables, lol. Looks like I'm doing it all over again x3

Let see.... YATTA! I did it! Tough luck.

Haste, time to submit!

Went to Management Faculty to submit English assignment. Whoaa, its all Greeks to me!
Sigh.. I just lost my way.

Took me one hour to find lecturer's room hehee. I mistook the wrong block lol

Hey looks who's there! On my way back I met Kamen Rider Sasword!
Just kidding, its my friend.

But his face do looks like the actor of that kamen rider lol @_@

Went to college office to settle something. The truth is I just got fine yesterday lol
Why? Because I didn't register my PC and phone charger.

There goes my RM10... :(


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