Me. KelabMalaysia and Boney M?

Yehey~! At last, the examinations are over. The last paper, Digital Logic was a little bit too much I guess. Been studied for one whole week, it still giving me headache. Maybe I'm the one who not-so-brilliant. Ok enough talking about that. IT'S OVER!! Time to get some relaxation before new semester starts. Yatta~!! \(^_^)/ Horay, horay, its a holi holiday~ Boney M!!!

Oh, recently I've hanging out at one local forum (sigh). Not that good, but also doesn't giving me bad feeling. I guess it's just nice.. It's not actually my first local forum I've ever joined actually (LOL I told em like that). It just, whenever I got myself on local forum, the feels is just like playing private server of an online game. We'd prefer something that much much bigger and talks more globally where people all around the world gather on the official server ain't? The feeling is just not right. I've been keep quiting actually. Well, I hope this one better be good. If there anyone from Malaysia wants to join me there, just find a user name Miyu at Kelab Malaysia. Be sure to add me. It feels uber bored now. Like nothing to do except keep talking, spamming on the same threads and... erm.. its not that bad actually. Its just me. I still need to get used to use the "private server".

Talking about private server, its been a quite a while I didn't update my knowledge about Ragnarok Online. Actually, I used to open one private server at my old university. Being an Admin is tiring me, with corrupted GMs, that's why I shut it down. Maybe I should try once again here, at UTM. Who knows, the environments are different, I might get something that I've been seeking for.

As for Kelab Malaysia, there are still more needs to be done there. The Admin is pretty cool actually, so does the Super Mods. They have been doing good jobs up till now, thanks to them, a lot of changes have been made. But still, they need to recruit better staff than what they currently have, that's only if they care much about the improvements of the forum. I'm not saying that current staff aren't good. It just....hurm.. think about another point. Make what good to better, the better to the best, okay. To anyone out there that have the guts, knowledge and how to handle the jobs exactly how the Mods supposed to be, I recommend you guys to join there. There are still a lot of space actually. Lots of sections, works and threads need to be moderated. I'm sure, if you ask nicely, the Admin will give the reservations. Even if he don't, hey we still can live up the forum ain't? You know the FLOW hahaha


Anonymous said...

sbb tu la aku mls nk join forum...
awal2 ni mmg la semangat nk explore...
dh lama2 jadi borim la..
x tau nk wat ape...
last2... tggl camtu tu je..
account kene del... end story..

Ailf said...

Ahahah.. tak salah kalu cuba
Tak kisah kalo main jump2 pon
Paling kurang dapat leech sket2

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