Danger why are you not supposed to marry with a programmer

Danger why are you not supposed to marry with a programmer....huhuhuhu (Just take this as a joke okay)

My fellow friends, before you decided to marry with a programmer, you have to think very deep and careful before you regret about it someday. This is an example from a wife that keeps whinning about her relation with her husband , a PROGRAMMER everyday.

Husband : (When come back home late at night) Goodnight honey, now I logged in.
Wife : Did you buy what I asked for?
Husband : Bad command or filename.
Wife : But I did phone called you this morning to your office to buy them.
Husband : Errorneous syntax. Abort?
Wife : Ish. Honey, you really dont remember anything about it? Haaa...You said in the phone call that you want to buy a new television, where is it?
Husband : Sharing violation. Access denied.
Wife : You dont love me anymore? I know you just care about your computer more than me. Its always like this and I'm sick of it.
Husband : Too many parameters.
Wife : I choose you as my husband. You are just good looking on the outside.
Husband : Data type mismatch.
Wife : You really are useless after all.
Husband : Its by Default.
Wife : How about your salary?
Husband : File in use. Try later
Wife : So then, what about me as for you as your wife?
Husband : Unknown Virus.


rinozeen said...


wife : i hate u!!!
husband: syntax error


Ailf said...

hehe.. pwnt!

Nash said...


stat crying wif laugh time "too many parameters"


Emily said...

just found your blog.... many informative things...

And abt this entry... u got the wife-as-programmer version?? looking forward to read it... XDXD

Ailf said...

ahaha.. thx for the comment
i don't think i will make one for that
it just an old gag xD

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