New Blog and New Life

Last semester was a failure to me. And as the story goes, my new life for this semester seems got affected sligthly.. What shall I do? I failed to get PTPTN loan. Now I have to make my way back up again. Yosh~ Ganbatte! The world is revolving around me remember!

For the last few weeks, I'm figuring on how to get more money. So I came at one solution - selling myself.

I didn't mean to sell myself in real, but I'm going to make a business, offering services fixing students' computers. I find it as not really a hard thing to do. I started to spread some flyers all around the universities, and getting good internet network first. Then I made a few friends that I can trust, to good-mouth me. I myself also do some selfpromote. That was so exhausting ~ but I'm kinda happy doing that. Maybe its my nature, talkative =p

And a few days ago, I've made a new blog, The Chronicles of Miyu. A few years already past, I guess its time for a new blog showing up, story-telling my chronicles. Apart of myself growing up as a student, I'm more and more turned into an Otaku. I don't feel like hideous though, in fact, kinda proud of it. Because I love myself! \(^_^)/

~ come money come.. ahh ~


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